Lectures in Gigantum

Most of the course lectures are interactive Jupyter notebooks so that you can follow examples and code interactively as the material is presented. The lectures are shared publicly and can be imported into the Gigantum Client using the import link gigantum.com/jhupp/jhupp-lectures. The project notebooks can be browsed at https://gigantum.com/jhupp/jhupp-lectures.

Using Gigantum for Lectures

Professor Burns often updates materials until right before the class. He will sync a version of the repository to the Gigantum Hub prior to every course. For up to date materials, a student can:

  • start Gigantum
  • stop the jhupp-lectures container if it’s running
  • sync content from the Gigantum Hub (sync button)
    • choose to take content from the remote if there is a conflict
  • click Launch: JupyterLab to start the course.

This is a public repository owned by account jhupp. This means that you cannot sync local changes to the Gigantum Hub. You will be able to make changes to a local branch to keep track of the work that you’ve done.

  • create a new branch, e.g. myworkspace using the Manage Branches tool
  • follow the course and customize in this branch
  • syncs will not create conflicts, because the lectures will always be pushed on the master branch.

If you want to make a copy of the repository in your workspace, this is possible by using the copy button on https://gigantum.com/jhupp/jhupp-lectures. This copy will exist in your workspace and will not get updated as course content changes. This is not a recommended approach.